Goodbye Free Google Product Listings

February 26, 2013

If you have a Google product feed promoting your products in Google’s free shopping listings you will have received an email from Google about changes to these listings. In a nutshell:
  • You will no longer benefit from free product listings from June 2013
  • If you would still like your product listings to appear, you will have to link your Google merchant account with Google adwords and set up a pay per click PLA (product listing ads)
  • If you do not link your merchant and adwords accounts, your products will stop appearing in Google shopping results.

Google is phasing this in from February, so from then until June Google shopping products will be a mix of free and paid listings. Product Listing vs Free Shopping Listing

The main difference you will see on the Google search results, is the Google shopping results showing as sponsored ads much like the product listing ads in the image above, but appearing in the same spot as the shopping results as above. In the US, where this rolled out several months ago, the sponsored shopping results appear above natural listings, and we expect this to be the same as it rolls out in the UK. Many US retailers are reporting an increase in click through rates when PLA and adwords adverts are appearing together, although the scheme has also received a lot of criticism as users may not realise that they are not seeing a true price comparison when looking at PLA shopping results. For further information on Google product listings and how we can help you ensure yours is performing for your business, please contact Lol at toinfinity.





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