The Rise of the Robot, is Human Intervention Needed?

November 3, 2016

Over the last few months we have heard a lot about ‘the rise of the robot’, and as a digital agency that works with digital systems day in day out, we thought we’d weigh in on a ‘robotic’ system that we regularly use.

You know those clever e-mails you receive when you're just about to run out of your favourite product or drop out of an online transaction? Well, believe it or not, that is not an overworked chap with an incredible memory, yep you guessed it, it is a ROBOT. When we say `robot` the image that comes to mind is one of the ever so cute Disney character Wall-E, although this is not the case – the robots we are talking about come in the form of software and systems.

We at toinfinity have designed and developed some successful trigger e-mail strategies, which once setup these campaigns run autonomously. Trigger Mail is generated or 'triggered' by the action of a user. This could be from signing up to a website, performing a transaction or an abandoned basket online – this data is captured and utilised to send the right e-mail to the right user at the right moment.

The rise of the robot has allowed us to create user `portraits` by analysing buying habits such as; did they buy from a marketing promotion? How much did they spend? Was it a gift? This data is then used to segment a database ensuring we target the correct audience with the right message.

A robot at full steam will always return a level of success provided that it has some good quality data to go by, and this is where you need a human to step in. As intelligent as robots are there is always going to be an element of human intervention that's needed – this comes in the form of reporting. Continuous reporting allows you to keep an eye out for any change in buying patterns or trends to ensure you are always reacting to changes in customer behaviour. A well-planned trigger e-mail strategy will provide continuity of client interactions as soon as it's implemented.

Drawing a conclusion to the question posed in the title `Is human intervention needed?` We would answer that if it is done correctly then yes, BUT only if there is a robust reporting system in place that is regularly reviewed by a data professional to continuously analyse buying behaviour. This aspect of the process can only be achieved via human intervention.

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