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March 17, 2015

Gaining feedback on your service and/or products is vital in understanding what your customer’s think of your business as well as a great way of highlighting areas for improvement.A fantastic way to understand what your customers are thinking is to ask them for feedback on a regular basis. An easy way to do this is to use a feedback company. The one that we recommend to our clients is eKomi.

This year eKomi have introduced a range of new services that we think make them one of the best feedback companies. Here’s the low down

Automatically send thank you and reminder emails

Two additional functions have been added to the backend of the service. If a customer has been asked for feedback and has not done so, you can gently remind him/her with an email and ask them to leave a rating or review.

There is also the option of setting up automatic thank you emails to customers that have left you feedback. You can create and edit both emails to be personal to each customer.

Sending a reminder and/or thank you email can increase your conversion rate and give you the chance to make contact with your customers even more personal.

Accessible site for the visually impaired

For visually impaired customers, the review pages of the eKomi site have been adapted and made more accessible to be used by screen readers, so every single customer is able to give you their feedback regardless.

Responsive site design on any device

The eKomi review pages have been redesigned so that the presentation of the web pages and email templates across any device, be it smartphone, laptop, or tablet, is displayed accurately. Customers can now easily evaluate your services or products on a variety of devices no matter where they are with no issues.

A 12 month average review rating

eKomi have adapted their ratings to the global industry standard and now calculate the average of the reviews only based on the reviews of the last twelve months. This gives you the advantage that the reviews reflect the current status of your business. Information from your customer’s feedback also corresponds to the current calculation and presentation of the Google ratings.

Sorting function on the certificate page

eKomi have optimised their drop-down menu, customers can now sort customer opinions. You can view the latest or oldest feedback first and read the positive or negative feedback to give yourself a better overview of your business. This in turn, creates even more transparency, which allows you to encourage more customers to choose your business.

You can respond to customer feedback be in positive or negative with a customer-friendly and professional comment. These comments are received well by existing customers and potential customer thinking of chosing your business.

These are just some of the new features that have been added to eKomi’s back end functionality to improve the customer experience and gain as much feedback on your products and/or service as possible. For more information about eKomi click here.


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