A Closer Look at the Latest Google Analytics Features

August 22, 2013

Google has sent out its latest email update on the newest features of Google Analytics. To the more advanced users of Google analytics, these features are not new but if you are wondering what they’re all about here’s our take on them: Adwords bid adjustment reporting – Google are continuing to improve the integration between adwords and analytics reporting, and this long overdue bid enhancement report gives a much better insight into the impact of adjusted bids by day, time, location and device. For example: Maybe you adjust your bids to increase by 20% at peak sales times. The new report allows you to see the breakdown of clicks, cost, transactions, bounce rate, time on site, revenue and conversion rate. The benefits of this are:
  • You can adjust your bidding based on customer behaviour when then arrive on the site (how long they spend on the site, if they bounce off.)
  • You can accurately measure your return on investment at a more granular level and fine tune your bids based on ROI rather than CPA (cost per acquisition.)
Reimagined segmentation – previous analytics functionality that allowed you to segment your report data wasn’t that user friendly and based on visits. The new functionality allows you to “build segments” ie create a customer profile to allow you accurately analyse how groups of customers interact with the site. This is great for high volume sites planning marketing spend as it gives you deeper insight how to apply it to your customer groups. Solving Tag Management Issues for Large Advertisers – Google Tag manager has been around for some time, and is a quick way for marketers to “tag” online campaigns without having to edit website code. This is ideal for large advertisers with lots of campaigns and sources that need to be tracked quickly and accurately. There is an initial deployment of code to your website which Google don’t really promote and advertisers are reporting poor support by Google. We have not deployed Google tag management until these teething issues are resolved. Measure Social Media ROI with Wildfire and Google – Wildfire is a paid Google social media tracking system (costs are around £2-3k a month) and it now has better integration with Google Analytics. It is aimed at large businesses that drive a lot of traffic via social media channels and it provides greater insight and tracking than Google analytics on its own. Unless you are driving very high volumes of sales via social media, it is not a really a cost effective solution for most businesses.





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