5 Tips to be an online hit this Christmas

July 25, 2013

Christmas Online Marketing

1)   Maximise mobile In quarter 1 this year, 20% of all online sales in the UK were via a mobile device and this will only grow.  So how is the mobile shopping experience for your website? What are your marketing emails like to view on a mobile?  We have seen mobile responsive email click through rates increase 10% but if the landing page is not mobile responsive, conversion rates drop by 3.5%[i] for every second the mobile user has to wait. 2)   Streamline your checkout

Have you tried to buy something from your website recently? Get someone else to test it, maybe a less tech savvy relative.  What barriers are there to completing the purchase? Do you force someone to register to make a purchase? How quickly do you receive forgotten password reminders? Does the basket remember what you added when you drop out or shop later on a different device? Does your checkout scream “SECURE”? Are you upfront about delivery costs?   3)   Know your competition and beat them With so many people selling similar products and online shoppers being very price aware, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.  You don’t have to be the cheapest but make sure you are the best. If you promise delivery dates, make sure you meet them – this is never more important than at Christmas.  Offer proof of your service with customer testimonials.  If you don’t have the functionality existing within your website, consider using a low cost, third party provider such as ekomi whose star ratings can also be implemented as part of your adwords campaign to improve click through rates.  4)   Learn from last year Remember that review you did at the end of last year’s Christmas campaign? You did do one? No? Now is the time to pull out the all the campaigns you ran in the final quarter of 2012. What worked well? What can you reuse for this year? Can you tweak it? Change the offer? Change timing? How could it be done better? What new ideas can you generate from last years learning’s?  5)   Plan, plan, plan and prepare like there’s no tomorrow Silly season will be here sooner than you think.  Make the most of August working on all your Christmas campaigns, preparing content, imagery, working on and agreeing a schedule.  As soon as silly season hits, you will not have time to be proactive and prepare fully considered campaigns. “Preparation is the key to an outstanding performance.”

[i] Research by Mobify April 2013





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